Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sticks and Bricks

My amazingly talented friend Liz Karney just opened a furniture refinishing store in Northampton, Mass called Sticks and Bricks. Kate and I swung by when it opened. In the front, showroom. In the back, studio/workshop. Liz made everything herself. She has a spy at the dump who calls her when the good stuff gets thrown away. And Liz turns it into gold.

This is the window display. My guess is that Liz put this together the way it is usually done in cartoons. One second there's a bunch of chairs sitting around. Liz grabs them and for .5 seconds there's a blur of arms and chair parts and dust. Then the dust lifts and Liz is standing there with her hands on her hips admiring the sculpture she's just thrown together. Yes, she's that good!

Kate tried to convince me we needed this piece for our dining room.

Kate and Liz on a loveseat Liz made out of a bed.

Liz's tools on the wall in the workshop.

See more on Liz's blog: carpenterant.blogpot.com.

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